Friday, January 13, 2017

Photos Forbidden!

Yes, my physio has told me that, unless I'm shooting from a tripod, taking photos for the next while is off the menu!

I literally took 6 frames the day after my last appointment. Six too many, apparently!

So, even though it's the Pemberton WinterFest pop-up event weekend, the first in a couple of years that isn't going to be rained out, I can't go and take photos of the action on the frozen One Mile Lake!

Very frustrating but, if it means that I can hit the ground running, so to speak, with my horse shows and pet shoots in the spring, then that's the way it is going to be!

Jay-Zee - he was my first client of 2016!
In the meantime, I continue to tweak my website and play on social media to raise awareness of the services I offer, and hopefully drum up some business. It would be great if my photography could become a living-wage generator.

On that note, I remind you that this month I'm conducting a testimonial drive! So if you've worked with me in the past, or even just ordered prints from an event I was shooting at, I'd love to receive a brief paragraph about what a positive experience it was! You know I'll make it worth your while - check it out!

See you next week!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Testimonial Request

As you know, I'm between jobs at the moment so, while I job-hunt, I'm trying to breathe a bit more life into my photography business - and I could really use your help!

If you have been a subject of my photography at any point in the past, I would be delighted if you would consider writing a testimonial about the experience. Just a paragraph - it can be as short, or as long, as you like!

Along with my everlasting gratitude, I am offering you an 9x12 (approx) print of the image of your choice*!

Here's more information about the offer:

Click to Enlarge
I'll be using the testimonials on my website, my social media outlets, and my blog.

Thank you very much!


*This can be an image from your photo shoot, or a photograph of you at an event I was working at - or any other image that doesn't have another identifiable person in it! TIA

Friday, December 30, 2016

In Limbo

It's that weird time of year, between Christmas and New Year ... several work days but it seems that little business gets done!

It is 10 days since I finished work at Riverlands. My perspective is starting to relax a bit (although I still dream about the horses, and regularly jolt awake mornings thinking "Omg, I've got to go feed the horses!").

I've started sending off job applications, too, but don't expect to hear back from anyone until next week sometime. If at all. The way things are done these days, I suppose.

While I am looking for a "regular" job, I'm also wracking my brain trying to figure out some clever promotional ideas to help me make live-able money from my photography. If anyone has any brilliant ideas for earning a living off both existing and new photography jobs, please share!

Meanwhile, we had a very quiet Christmas, as we like it - a couple of small gifties exchanged, a nice meal shared - but no decorations this year. Maybe next year.

We have had quite a bit of snow so far this winter! More than I can remember in quite a few seasons, actually. Yesterday, the thermometer got to 3C, but it puked snow anyway. Needless to say, the snow was very wet, and extremely heavy when it let up and we went out to clear off the cars and shovel the driveway!

Today is sunny and warm at 13C - the mercury must've been in direct sun! Lots of dripping going on! More snow forecast for tomorrow, then an Arctic Outflow predicted for the first 10 or so days of 2017!

The day after tomorrow is the start of a new year. A time to start afresh, with a clean slate and a bright, positive outlook!

Wishing you and yours everything of the best in 2017 - health, happiness, and a dash of wealth for good measure!


Friday, December 23, 2016

Silver Linings

My time at Riverlands has now, unfortunately, concluded. I'm still a little raw about it all, but am making a concerted effort to look on the bright side ... with varying degrees of success.

The biggest bonus is that I get to spend some quality time with my hubby while I'm between jobs. He's got about 10 days off work over Christmas and New Year's and, as it seems, so do I! For the past five months, we've had one full day off together, every two weeks. So this break will be nice.

Another perk is that I now have much more energy for my photography! The weather's not really co-operating so far, though, and neither is my tennis elbow which flares up when I even think about lifting my camera. But the anticipation is just as good!

Speaking of flare-ups, I just had to get the camera out quickly this morning, after noticing an interesting effect cause by snow slipping off rooftops!

They say beauty's in the eye of the beholder, so the images above may not seem as interesting to anyone but me ... but at this point, I'll take it!

Meanwhile, Santa Day is just around the corner so this is for you:

Keep your weight in your heels!


Friday, December 16, 2016

Another Challenge!

Before I start, here's a photo of "sunrise" as it is at this time of year, occurring at about 11.30am! This is the first peek we get at the sun as it rises above Mt Currie (it sets behind the next ridge over before 2pm, so we get about 2 hours of direct sunlight! Actual daylight lasts from about 7.30am until about 4.30pm):

I've learned a lot over the past couple of weeks. More than I've ever wanted to know. About menopause.

As most of you know, I'm "at a certain age". I have been aware for some time that The Change had started: I've had irritating irregularity, along with night sweats, for a while. (Too much information? Sorry about that ... but perhaps my experience can help someone else in a similar pickle!)

I thought that those would be my companions until the process was complete, but my body had other ideas.

I've since discovered, and have become more-than-I-care-to-be familiar with, several additional side effects of menopause: Fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite (!), anxiety, and depression.

I've come to the conclusion that the combination of having my body getting stronger/fitter, and being at That Age, triggered an overdrive to "git 'er done", as they say around here!

The most difficult effect to deal with has been the fatigue, which has severely impacted my ability to do my job effectively. Staggering around in an almost-constant state of exhaustion, while labouring at mucking stables and dealing with often-excitable large livestock, isn't fun and, frankly, isn't safe!

So this coming work week, starting tomorrow, will be my last at Riverlands. Let me say that I am ever so grateful to my colleagues for having given me the opportunity to even attempt the job, considering my age and my lack of recent experience "in the field" when I started back in July. I sincerely regret the inconvenience that my departure will cause after a mere 4.5 month sojourn at the barn.

For myself, I am beyond disappointed and frustrated, but have to believe that these things happen for a reason and that perhaps something more suited lies in my future.

We shall see ... in the meantime, perhaps some acupuncture?

Keep your weight in your heels!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Keep On Keepin' On

A difficult week. Zero energy. Don't feel like I'm progressing with my strength and endurance at all. Now awaiting blood test results.

Very frustrating, this never-ending parade of challenges getting in my way!

Not even alleviated by a wonderful massage on Wednesday.

Right elbow now strapped up with one of these ... hopefully it will help at work, because it certainly hasn't helped my ability to lift my camera (which doesn't improve my mood!).

Another week of rainy, miserable weather, too.

A Brief Glimpse Through The Cloud Cover

Perhaps more positivity to share next week ...

Keep your weight in your heels!


Friday, November 25, 2016

Tennis, anyone?!

Ok, I have to admit that I've found the last two weeks of work very difficult, physically!

This is probably caused by my 3 weeks out of action, which meant that when I returned to "the office", I had to rebuild my strength and fitness almost from scratch.

On the Good News front: My sacroiliac joint is now fine!

Not so good: My elbows - yes, both of them - have carpel tunnel, more commonly known as "tennis elbow". The right is worse than the left, which is weird because I'm left-handed. This has been an issue for over a week, but I've said little about it, because there's little I actually can do about it! For sure, no more time off work for me, because we just can't afford it!

I begin to wonder if my body's been round the block one time too many, to be able to cope with the physical demands of this job? I worry that things will just keep on breaking down. I feel the pressure to keep pace with my colleagues, and feel I'm not quite holding up my end.

But I'm still loving working with the horses, and appreciate the bonus of not having to deal with regular office politics, so will keep going as long as I can ...

Meanwhile, the rain keeps coming. During the past 8 weeks, there have been just a handful of days during which we've not had any precipitation. And even fewer days when we've actually seen the sun!

On a brighter note, we had our first dusting of snow right down to the valley last night, so hopefully the mud will be firming up soon, with the arrival of cooler temperatures! And the forecast is promising a few trickles of sunshine over the next week, too!

Keep your weight in your heels!


PS: To add insult to injury, with the elbow issue, it really hurts to lift my camera!  :(